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Parish Bylaws and Policies

The following PDF files provide access to the Bylaws and Procedures that are currently approved.

Parish Bylaws: Procedure for Bylaws



I. Personnel Policies [see also F16]

B-1: Lay Personnal Compensation and Leave
B-2: Lay Personnal Overtime Compensation
B-4: Medical and Disability Insurance for Lay Staff Members
B-5: Retirement Plans
B-7: Leave of Absence
B-8: Continuing Education

II. Financial Policies [see also F7]

C-1: Fiscal Policies [see also C11]
C-2: Authorizations for Disbursement and Charge Care Use
C-3: Disbursement of Funds
C-4: Loose or Plate Offerings
C-7: Clergy Residence Account
C-8: Clergy Compensation
C-9: Travel Expenses
C-10: Gifts and Memorials [see also C11, F8]
C-11: Memorial Garden [see also C1.C10, F7]

III. Building and Grounds Policies [see also F2]

D-1: Use of Church Property or Facilities by Outside Organizations or Individuals
D-2: Building Security and Personal Safety
D-5: Alcoholic Beverages
D-6: Use and Maintenance of the Memorial Garden [see also F9]

IV. Vestry Meetings

E-1: Vestry Responsibilities

V. Parish Committee Structure and Policies

F-1: Organization of the Parish and the Use of Committees
F-2: Building and Grounds Committee [see also the "D" policies]
F-3: Bylaws and Procedures Committee
F-4: Christian Education Committee
F-5: Communications Committee
F-6: Evangelism Committee
F-7: Finance Committee [see also the "C" policies]
F-8: Gifts and Memorials [see also C10]
F-9: Memorial Garden Committee [see also D6]
F-10: Outreach Committee
F-11: Parish Life Team
F-12: Pastoral Care Committee
F-13: Stewardship Committee
F-15: Liturgics Committee
F-16: Personnel Committee [see also the "B" policies]
F-18: Nominating Committee

Diocese of East Tennessee Policies on Sexual Misconduct and on Children and Youth Abuse

Policies and Procedures Manual for Dealing with Sexual Misconduct
Policies for the Protection of Children & Youth from Abuse