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June 25, 2017: The Cost of Discipleship  [Matthew 10:24-39]  Rev. Bob Reuss

June 18, 2017 BISHOP'S VISITATION: "A Message from Bishop George";  The Rt. Rev. George D. Young, III

June 11, 2017: Not Any God Will Do!  [Matthew 28:16-20]  Rev. Steve Damos

June 4, 2017: Thirsty for the Lord  [John 7:37-39]  Rev. G. David Lovett

May 28, 2017: "I Will Not Leave You"  [Acts 1:6-14]  Rev. John Wilson

May 21, 2017 YOUTH SUNDAY: "The Lump",  Keegan Yearwood

May 14, 2017: Seeing and Believing  [John 14:1-14]  Rev. G. David Lovett

May 7, 2017 CELTIC SERVICE: "I Have Chosen You"  [John 15:17-27]  Rev. John Wilson

May 7, 2017: Live Abundantly  [John 10:1-10]  Rev. Steve Damos

April 30, 2017: The Road to Emmaus  [Luke 24:13-35]  Rev. John Wilson

April 23, 2017: Stand Up!  [John 20:19-31]  Rev. Steve Damos

EASTER: April 16, 2017: What Do You See at the Tomb?  [John 20:1-18]  Rev. G. David Lovett

GOOD FRIDAY: April 14, 2017: The Charcoal Fire  [John 18:1-19:42]  Rev. G. David Lovett

PALM SUNDAY: April 9, 2017: Let the Same Mind be in You  [Philippians 2:5-11]  Rev. G. David Lovett

April 2, 2017: Can These Bones Live?  [Ezekiel 37:1-14]  Rev. Carol Westfphal

March 26, 2017: I Once Was Blind  [John 9:1-4]  The Very Rev. Ward Ewing

March 19, 2017: The Mental Image  [John 4:5-42]  Rev. G. David Lovett

March 12, 2017: Of "Born Anew"  [John 3:1-17]  Rev. Steve Damos

March 5, 2017: The Free Gift  [Romans 5:12-19]  Rev. G. David Lovett